Panchagavya is one of the ancient organic liquid fertilizer used in our traditional agricultural practices. This is produced out of five liquids derived from cow’s. We assure that applying of our panchagavya liquid fertilizer will yield maximum result.

  • Fresh cow dung
  • Cow’s urine
  • Cow’s milk
  • Cow’s curd
  • Cow’s ghee
  • Sugar cane juice
  • Tender coconut water
  • Ripe banana fruits
  • Toddy

Benefits of Panchagavya

  • Panchagavya restores yield levels of all crops in the first crop itself
  • Harvest is advanced by 15 days
  • Increases the weight of the products
  • Enhances the self-life of vegetables and fruits
  • Improves the taste, flavor and aroma.
  • Increases sugar content in fruits by 25%
  • Increase the oil content in oil seeds by 25%
  • Gets more price in the market.
Draught Hardiness
  • Forms a thin film coating on the leaves
  • Reduces the evaporation of water under the hot sun
  • Deep and extensive rooting helps the plants to withstand long dry spells. Irrigation water requirement is reduced by 30 %.
  • Leaves become bigger
  • More number of leaves
  • Total leaf surface area increases
  • More photosynthesis
  • More Yield
  • More side shoots
  • Trunk becomes sturdy
  • Bears more weight
  • Branching is high
  • Rooting is profuse and dense
  • Remain fresh for long time
  • Grow into deeper layers of the soil
  • Helps maximum intake of nutrients and water.

Usage directions Spray system 3% Panchagavya solution for all crops

  • 300 ml of Panchagavya with 10 liters of water = 3% solution
  • 30 ml of Panchagavya with 1 liter of water = 3% solution
2 % Panchagavya solution for crops like cucumber, mint, bottle gourd, snake gourd with soft leaves.
  • 2 liters of Panchagavya with 100 liters of water = 2% solution
  • 200 ml of Panchagavya with 10 liters of water = 2% solution
  • 20 ml of Panchagavya with 1 liter of water = 2% solution
Seedling Treatment:

Before drying and storing dip the seeds in 3% Panchagavya solution for the treatment.


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