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The WaterBeat2 is a low power, network terminal unit with built-in report logger. Utilizing hardware technology stack by InfoRepos Technologies, global leader in intelligent farming products provider for over 5 years. The WaterBeat2 is offered with local & global networking options with wireless cellular gateway operating on 4G LTE networks, providing rapid and reliable data uploads to cloud data servers for better visualization methods. 

The sensor agnostic integrated with multi-channel flow control modules, flow meters, volume analyzer, and rule-based automation engine. It provides unprecedented insights into water distribution, collection, or networks. 

The WaterBeat2 application available in web and mobile form for better adoption, user has single sign-on facility for both applications. 

  • Smarter way of watering 
  • Monitor anytime
  • Alerts and notifications.
  • Works on 2G/3G/4G/5G
  • WIFI integration.
  • Works manually 
  • Provides you total water consumption

Robust & reliable home garden automation controller


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