Pseudomonas, Azospirillum is associative nitrogen fixing proteobacteria that fixes atmospheric nitrogen in loose association with plant roots, for all plant species. it converts atmospheric nitrogen through the process of biological nitrogen fixation into ammonium which can be easily absorbed by the plant roots and provides 30-50% of plant nitrogen requirements.

In addition to this, it produces plant growth promoting substances, like vitamins and phytohormones which influence plant growth especially root development to a large extent. Suitable for all crops – cereals, vegetables, plantation crops, ornamental plants and even legumes.

It is mainly used for direct soil application. also seed treatment and foliar spray. Apply in wet soil as basal dose along with organic manure and refresh it periodically along with organic manure.

  • Increase Crop yield
  • Stimulates Plant Growth
  • Activates Soil Biologically
  • Restores soil fertility
  • Controls root rot, damping off
  • Suitable for all kind of plants
  • Provides protection against drought and some soil born diseases.
  • Mix 20 gms in 1 kg of compost.
  • Mix 10 gms in 1 litre of water and apply to root zone.


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